Applied Image Inc. provides the latest in environmentally friendly solutions, utilizing top of the line environmentally friendly products such as non-PVC substrates and films along with maintaining environmentally responsible operating practices.

AI has a genuine interest and commitment to maintaining a sustainable, safe work environment. Through regularly conducting self-audits we have put many environmental and safety initiatives in place. One example is the way we have been able to reduce overall energy usage throughout our facility. We accomplished this by investing in latest energy efficient lighting and energy efficient heating and cooling thermostat system that has made significant reductions in our energy usage. Another example would be arming our traveling sales force with a fleet of hybrid vehicles. This change has dramatically reduced our annual carbon emissions. We have also instated a recycling program that processes tons of recycled acrylic each year and we also work closely with Safety Kleen, a Clean Harbor Company, to properly dispose and recycle 100% of our inks.

AI is committed to providing safe environments in which to work. Our entire facility is in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environment Health and Safety (EHS) regulations and other regulatory requirements. Safety issues and violations of regulatory requirements will be addressed promptly. In addition to meeting our obligations, AI takes proactive initiatives to make safety a top priority. AI has on staff its own OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer (AGIT). This added measure is rarely taken by similar size companies and is one that distinguishes our serious commitment to safety.

The films we use help contribute to LEED®

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